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This process focusses on the upfront part of a pitch, the investigation of the agency marketplace, effectively replacing the chemistry meetings. It enables a client to meet multiple, often different types of agencies in one go, in a short space of time to get a feel for the differing offers and services. Example : influencer marketing: there are lots of different avenues to access influencers: agencies; platforms; social talent agents etc and a client may want to meet a selection — this is the ideal format for this approach. Even if the longlist contains an eclectic mix of agencies of different shapes, sizes and backgrounds, it is still very important that you ensure the right agencies appear on the long list, agencies must have the right skills and capabilities. Working with a specialist to produce this list will be helpful. It is essential the agencies are delivered a brief at least a week before the meeting. The brief should include:.

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Register if you are: 1. An entrepreneur with an idea looking for a co-founder. An entrepreneur at heart looking for a start-up to join. Focused on Cyber. Our intensive 4-month program is aimed to help our portfolio companies gain traction, raise capital, and work with industry leaders.

The elevator pitch is one of the most important assets you should have as a product manager; it’s a short 2 minutes speech explaining to.

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Why Found8? Contact us. Call us Have an urgent question or request? The Found8 Knowledge Blog We collect stories so you can learn anytime, anywhere. Ever felt that it was hard to make other people as passionate about your business as you are?

Co-Founders Speed Dating & Pitching event – Founders Nation & EISP if you want to pitch your start-up/product/service/skills/etc. or if you just want to.

Twenty-one Fremantle Press authors were given just two minutes to pitch themselves and their books. The speakers were all very unique and lively in their presentations, and gave excellent examples of how their skills, expertise and professional backgrounds could be beneficial for potential workshops, interviews, school events or book clubs. From the comedic allure of Jon Doust, to the suspenseful drawl of Yuot A. Alaak, to the creative banner presentation by Elaine Forrestal, each pitch left me wanting more.

Including books for children, memoirs and talks on climate change, there was a considerable diversity of pitches on offer for our guests. I also took note of how each author wove their chosen genres into what they could offer. Personally, it was also an exciting moment for me to see Josephine Taylor spruik her debut novel Eye of a Rook November since I had worked alongside her at Westerly last year. About a dozen aspiring authors from the Four Centres Emerging Writers Program attended as part of their professional development.

I thought this year would be even more confusing now I was adding upcoming Fremantle Press author to that bundle, and pitching instead of watching, but somehow everything came together. Part of it, I think, is because the publication of my novel, Eye of a Rook , felt like the natural outcome of many years in those other roles But I felt held in another way too — by the whole Fremantle Press team, including the authors; by the organisations that support Fremantle Press; by the event organisers who attended; and by the generous celebration of other emerging writers.

She has written for Junkee Media , worked as a sub-editor of literature and film at Dircksey Magazine , and worked for Westerly Magazine through their internship program. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, and indulging in tsundoku book hoarding.

7 Strategies For Making A Match At Literary Agent “Speed Dating” Events

The event, which was organized by the U. The idea was simple. Last year, for example, BBVA connected with more than 1, fintech start-ups around the world via its Open Talent contest and helped them reach other potential customers and clients. The UK is not just a world leader in fintech, we are also a world leader in promoting our fintech capability through events like this.

Trailblazer Community Groups Indianapolis, IN Women in Tech Group presents February Meeting – Perfect your Elevator Pitch with Salesforce.

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Literary Speed Dating: The Annual Pitching and Networking Breakfast – Events

Location House of Green. Contact Anne Bollerup Friisberg abj stateofgreen. Currently running in New York City, Munich, Singapore, and the two Danish cities of Copenhagen and Aarhus, the program aims to solve city problems through multi-stakeholder challenges and open innovation, as a way of accelerating technology and solution knowledge sharing between cities, and to offer better testing opportunities for vendors.

The ‘Speed Dating‘ Approach. This process focusses on the upfront part of a pitch​, the investigation of the agency marketplace, effectively replacing the.

How does it work? Then at , they go into the Pitch Room to meet the producers – one at each of the stations. We ring a bell, writers have two minutes to pitch. We ring a second bell, producers have two minutes to respond and ask questions, or give feedback. Writers bring a packet with a synopsis, bio, cast breakdown and production requirements to leave with each of the producers.

If the project interests the producer, he may request that you send a full script. Meanwhile, group two is in the Coaching Room getting coached for an hour starting at Second group goes into the Pitch Room at We estimate that pitches and turnaround should take about 50 minutes total for all eleven. We will have wine and cheese afterwards, so although the pitch sessions will end at around , we hope writers and producers will stay and chat informally until 9pm or so.

Eleven writers pitching to eleven producers at one time?

The Dots – Freelancer Speed Pitching events

Our successful Literary Speed Dating series gives writers a unique three-minute opportunity to pitch their manuscript to Australian publishers and agents. Run annually in Sydney, Melbourne and Virtually, these events provide members from all across the country the opportunity to meet publishers and agents. Melbourne-based Publishers and Agents: Friday 10 July Please feel safe to book in as you will be able to pitch to your chosen publishers and agents by phone or Zoom video conference.

These events are not location restricted.

This year’s Bread & Jam Festival is to include a ‘speed dating‘ event that will allow food and drink entrepreneurs to pitch ideas to investors, with.

We are now going to take some time to review the feedback and shape the event. More details coming soon. How can businesses connect in the age of social distancing? Can you really do a deal over a video call? One of the myriad ways in which Covid is disrupting normal life is the removal of that most fertile of business opportunity arenas: the live event. For all the technology now available, nothing quite replaces that face-to-face experience, whether you’re an agency looking to meet new clients or a business seeking to meet new people or suppliers.

Webinars and virtual events have their place, of course, but as a tool for direct lead generation, networking and starting new partnerships, they fall well short of the live experience. But until government restrictions are lifted and the health emergency has subsided, how do we try and meet this gap? We’ve often heard from both brands and agencies that the tendering and pitching process is laborious.

Brands tell us on a regular basis that they simply don’t have the time to research and speak to multiple agencies at length.

Pitch 62 – Co-Founder Speed Dating & Pitching #21