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I started with two vague assumptions driving my Ph. First, linked open data can serve as a better infrastructure for online markets. Second, matchmakers operating in this infrastructure can remove some friction from conducting business transactions in the markets, thereby making the market allocation more efficient. What I needed to play with these ideas was a market in which data on both supply and demand is available.

Public procurement market offers a feature few other markets have: demands are explicitly represented as data in the form of public procurement notices thanks to their proactive disclosure as open data mandated by law. Moreover, as a domain fraught with numerous data quality issues, public procurement presents a great opportunity to remedy the issues with the technologies of linked data, also known as the semantic web stack.

My work began. I worked with linked open data on and off since The topic I chose for my Ph.

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The LTP is a Soviet tier 3 premium light tank. A proposed light vehicle developed by Lieutenant Provornov in the summer of No prototypes were manufactured. The LTP was a gift tank given to players to celebrate Wargaming’s 15th anniversary , and given to celebrate World of Tank’s 5th anniversary.

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It has the 2nd highest amount of rear armor 30mm, which it shares with T in the game second to the Pz. Kpfw Ausf. Despite many of its shortcomings, the LTP benefits from preferential matchmaking which ensures that its always capable of pulling its weight in battle.

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