HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. The figure skater is rumored to be in a relationship with a hockey player by the name of Kim Won Joong. It’s said the two were able to grow close because they went to the same college and also shared the same ice rink during training in Korea. As figure skaters and hockey players practice at different times, it’s difficult to run into each other, but with the common skating interest as well as being college buddies and also training for the Olympics, the two are said to have grown a bond. Due to their busy schedules, the two are said to only meet up two or so times a month, but they do make sure to spend special occasions together like their birthdays or Christmas eve. Kim Yuna’s reps have sent out a press release to confirm the two athlete’s relationship. Her management All That Sports stated, “We are informing you that the dating report about Kim Yuna dating is mostly true and that she is in a relationship with Kim Won Joong. The insider commented, “It’s been quite a while since they started dating. This is their third year.

Kim Yu-na and Kim Won-joong Dating Confirmed

Such is the life of an Olympic superstar-in-waiting. No wonder the 19 year-old chose to delay her arrival at the Games until as late as possible before heading straight to a private, heavily guarded hotel, away from prying eyes in the athletes’ village. Being mobbed wherever she goes is just part of the territory for the teenage figure skating sensation, who is known as “Queen Yu-na” by her adoring fans in her native South Korea.

I view hockey players, figure skaters, and speed skaters with the same respect. Figure And maybe a little cross-dating. Is the figure skater who’s most likely to get the gold medal (e.g., Yuna Kim) intentionally programmed to skate last?

All hail the queen. On Friday morning, as the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang got underway, people all over social media reacted with delight at the presence of an unexpected and beloved face. Yuna Kim, the famed South Korean figure skater who retired following the Winter Games, made a dramatic appearance to light the Olympic torch. Kim, 27, previously competed in the games in Sochi and the games in Vancouver, taking home a silver medal in the former, and a gold medal in the latter.

She retired following her silver medal performance in Sochi, amid controversy and scrutiny directed at the event’s judges , with many observers believing she should have rightfully won the gold. Kim is not actually skating competitively this time around, to be clear, giving way to a new crop of young South Korean talent. But she’s nonetheless a national icon in South Korea, and is reportedly admired and beloved by many of her fellow figure skaters.

Basically, she was the absolute dream pick to light the torch for a lot of people, and when she actually appeared during the ceremony on Friday morning, social media was overflowing with excitement. Despite having retired from competitive skating four years ago, Kim looked steady and smooth as ever on her skates, elegantly drifting and twirling and spinning. She then lit the Olympic torch, in what’s one of the biggest honors an athlete or ex-Olympian can receive. It’s fair to say that Kim’s appearance got people pretty hyped up on social media, which is partly because it was a surprise, and partly because hey, she’s the queen, after all.

kim yuna dating

The figure skaters share the space with short track speed skaters, hockey players and others by splitting the time. Figure skaters get the rink from 10 to 1, short track skaters from 1 to 3, and the hockey team from 3 to 6. Kim Yuna has fallen in love.

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Yuna Kim turns Bond girl on 23 February 2010 en route to historic victory

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Korean gossip blogs and entertainment outlets report that the figure skating legend is dating a hockey player named Kim Won Joong. The pair reportedly went to.

Article: [Exclusive] “Gold. Kim Yuna, falls in love Source: Dispatch via Nate 1. Something other media outlets should learn from. They’re wearing summer clothes. Dispatch must’ve waited a long time. Ah, so jealous. I can’t say anything but daebak. I was always curious who Kim Yuna would end up choosingin the end Supporting Yuna’s love.. Media outlets need to learn!

Sang Hwa’s dating an ice hockey athlete. Men, it’s time to grab hockey sticks.

Kim Yuna & Ice-Hockey player Kim Won Joong are dating

She is one of the most highly recognized athletes and media figures in South Korea. As a result of her numerous accomplishments, she is frequently referred to as Queen Yuna by various media across the world. She is the former record holder for ladies in the short program, free skate and combined total under the ISU Judging System. She has broken world record scores 11 times under the ISU Judging System since , eight of which being records she herself set.

She is also the first female skater to surpass the point and point free skating mark and the point, point and point total mark under the ISU Judging System. Throughout her entire career novice, junior and senior , Kim had never finished a competition off the podium.

Kim Yuna has fallen in love. The lucky guy is ice hockey player Kim Won-jung. He is the national team’s undisputed best player, a graduate of.

Even for those not familiar with the rules, the sheer drama of the sporting contest was gripping and it made for compulsive viewing. It’s not the only time this year that ice hockey has made for a stunning spectacle and generated huge interest. In North America — ahead of Sochi’s start — the NHL went on a big marketing blitz, with outdoor matches in massive stadiums previously used for other sports. Some , hardy souls braved brutal subzero temperatures at the Winter Classic in Michigan on New Year’s Day and over 8.

Read: Superpower showdown on ice. So, with a growing audience among casual sports fans in its traditional markets and now a global audience watching the best of the best competing for their countries, can ice hockey capitalize on this popularity and go truly global? Now might be the most opportune time to seize on it.

Kim Yuna in Love

Some Koreans are becoming increasingly frustrated that North Korea, which announced its Olympic participation earlier this month, is stealing the spotlight. The unified squad in women’s ice hockey and the use of a joint banner have fanned the frustration of those who were already discontent with the Moon Jae-in administration. Moon’s opponents are arguing his focus on “Peace Olympics” has only resulted in the “Pyongyang Olympics.

Many people seem to have forgotten the ecstatic national celebration that took place when we finally succeeded in bringing the Games to the formerly unknown alpine resort town in Koreans were all the more moved after the disappointments of two failed bids for and , where PyeongChang had narrowly lost to Vancouver, Canada, and Sochi, Russia, respectively. After PyeongChang’s win was confirmed during the International Olympic Committee general assembly in South Africa, Kim Yuna, Korea’s figure skating legend and Olympic champion, fought back tears in a media interview, saying winning PyeongChang was a “national priority.

ThoughKim Yunawas lastconfirmed to be datinghockey playerKim Rumors say that Ha Jung Woo and Kim Yuna were spotted on a date in.

Her two programs at those Games—you can watch them here and here —both set record scores that stand today. She engaged with the music with the sophistication of a prima ballerina, but attacked those seven minutes with the ruthlessness of an athlete so dominant she breaks the will of her competitors. This, the glamour event of the Winter Olympics, was rarefied air for South Korea, whose 44 previous medals had all come in speed skating.

Kim was already a major celebrity after winning the World Championships, but the Olympic gold made her a cultural icon. Where could an athlete possibly go from there? What happens when perfection is expected? In many ways, it seemed, Kim Yuna could not win at the Sochi Olympics, even if she came in first. Yet in no way does that makes her controversial second-place finish to unheralded Russian teenager Adelina Sotnikova on Thursday any easier to stomach.

The decision strikes a blow to the artistry that sets figure skating apart from all other sports—and to many, seems to stink of corruption. A foot injury had kept her off the ice for six weeks during her preparation for Sochi. The oddsmakers had her as an even favorite to win the title, but in truth no one knew exactly what to expect. After landing in Sochi, Kim drew throngs of press at practice sessions, even as the men’s skaters competed—and looked good, but not great.

She skated well but with almost no spark, seeming almost unhappy at times. The sense around the Olympic Park was that Lipnitskaia and American upstart Gracie Gold were entering the event with more momentum.

박보검(Park Bo-gum) and 김연아(Kim Yuna) 카콜라(Coca-Cola) CF