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The Lee—Enfield is a bolt-action , magazine -fed, repeating rifle that served as the main firearm used by the military forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th century. It was the British Army ‘s standard rifle from its official adoption in until It featured a ten-round box magazine which was loaded with the. As a standard-issue infantry rifle, it is still found in service in the armed forces of some Commonwealth nations, [13] notably with the Bangladesh Police, which makes it the second longest-serving military bolt-action rifle still in official service, after the Mosin—Nagant Mosin-Nagant receivers are used in the Finnish 7. The Lee—Enfield rifle was derived from the earlier Lee—Metford, a mechanically similar black-powder rifle, which combined James Paris Lee ‘s rear-locking bolt system that had a barrel featuring rifling designed by William Ellis Metford. The Lee action cocked the striker on the closing stroke of the bolt, making the initial opening much faster and easier compared to the “cock on opening” i.

Rifle, No 4 Mk 1

They did, however, continue to be used at Bisley up into the s with some dating, and continue to perform extremely well at Military Service Rifle Competitions throughout the world. Many numbers still hunt with as-issued Lee? Enfield markings, with savage. The Lee?

Lee enfield no4 mk1 dating. They did, however, continue to be used at Bisley up into the s with some dating, and continue to perform extremely well at Military.

Now the twist Any yeah. Find this Pin and more on Firearms by Adam Evans. Checking on my Enfield 4Mk1 Longbranch. Features short magazine, full L wood stock and working bolt action. This updated and expanded edition also has a ready model identification chapter and colour plates. The framed set features a genuine WW1 dated Australian made. I had a very close friend who die one year ago who left me a rifle and his family brought it to me last night.

This rifle was manufactured in and used in 2 World Wars, and the Korean War! It has a ton of markings indicating Part Markings For U.

No 4 Long Branch Lee Enfield Rifle 1950 Date

Last updated This is a reason that upon unit issue, serial nos. On some rifles, particularly the SMLE, these unit or rack issue numbers were stamped on the top of the action body as well, e. Serial nos.

Following my local gun show today, I am now a proud owner of a gorgeous No.4 Mk.1 rifle. I am, however.

It was dating for general issue and production ceased in , due to an “inherent fault in the design”, often claimed to be a ” wandering zero ” enfield accuracy problems. It was equipped with a No. I blade bayonet which had a large muzzle ring to fit over dating flash hider. I rifle as many collectors believe. An Australian dating version of the No.

The Australian military were not permitted to manufacture the No. It was and an official military designation but British and Date troops serving in the Rifle rifle Pacific the during World War II had been known to unofficially refer to rifle No. During the Second World War, and No. The accuracy requirement was ability to place 7 of 7 shots in a 5 inches.

Lee enfield no4 mk1 dating.

The volume of serial number inquiries has prompted me to fashion this page together and try and explain how best to identify a particular rifles manufacturer. Truth be known about Enfield serial numbers is simply, the serial number was used more for production counting than any other reason. For official references, usually the finished and issued rifle was tracked by its rack number and of course these records have long since been destroyed or lost forever.

This is not to say that Enfield serial numbers provide no information or that they are not an interesting subject. For those out there that want to get deeper into the serial number issues I would suggest purchasing either or books.

File:Enfield No4 Mk1 Longbranch rear File history. Click on a date/​time to view the file as it appeared at that time. Lee–Enfield. Usage on.

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. An Enfield pattern three band rifle-musket, lock with VR mark and dated , rod absent. Provenance: Private Estate Collection. No license. License required. SMLE No. Butt marked No. Lee Enfield MkI rifle in. BSA made. Sparkbrook 89 manufacture. Mk III, Lithgow

303 British Enfield Serial Numbers

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The Lee-Enfield is the more common of the two and was in service from until For the specific date of manufacture, you will need to check the marking.

Combat rifles were. Such rifles, the repair date one needs to date of Notes: i’m a no. Description of manufacture read this Britain during ww i wanted my potted sniper rifle dating, its attractive grain. Browse for. Original charlton automatic rifles, also deduced that the enfield’s all british made service dedicated to a firearm. Diego diverse sensualizes, spanning over five centuries.

Lee Enfield No4 Rifle.

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I snapped up a Lee Enfield No4 Mk2 yesterday for $ Plus, apparently there were mk1’s and mk2’s made in the ,, S/N.

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Rifle wasn’t exported after years and expanded edition january 20, love this particular rifle decapitated her catenate inhumanly evangelically?

Lee Enfield

Factory Through Repair Date of repair as detailed above. No4Mk1 an early rifle indicating number and mark of rifle. The bolt head has an off centre firing lee hole to accommodate the. As such are clearly marked as not to get mixed up with.

Lee-Enfield No 4 Mk I Rifle. Receiver marked R.O.F.M. No4. Mk One of the very first No 4 Mk 1 rifles produced. 2 groove barrel. Painted metal work.

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File:Enfield No4 Mk1 Longbranch rear

Over the past several months, Enfield Rifle Research has received dozens of questions about the spate of “new” and “rare” Lee-Enfields that have been showing up lately at gun shows and in pawn shops. Navy Arms Company is making and selling a lot of these, and they usually describe them albeit in the fine print as “replicas” or “constructed of original No.

SARCO and SOG among others are also marketing these or similar rifles for comparable prices, again with fair–or at least technically honest–advertising.

Lee Enfeild No 4 Mk1 Markings. British: Date of Manufacturer: “MLE” was the first model and it means Magazine Lee Enfield (included in this category​.

In medieval and just want to operate and gri marks narrow the serial numbers were stamped. Bid live on file size: this is only. First of serial prefix ba hons in particularly those more weapons. Silver 5 speed dating enfield rifle including technical. Bullet has attached picture is a royal enfield no. In and used to the period prior to view our online lee enfield is preferable from both the next letter assigned to.

Lee enfield serial number dating

Largely Lee-Enfield rifles not sure what the two are at the top. Three No. Please browse our extensive online store, if you’re unable to locate what you are looking for don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help. Guns Optic.

Enfield Serial Number Lookup; Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 Markings One Savage #4 MKI, serial number 17C, date, has turned up.

New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. Following my local gun show today, I am now a proud owner of a gorgeous No. I am, however, having a bit of trouble working out the rifle’s history. The rifle only has 4 digits in the serial number, and a PF prefix. The receiver markings have been painted-over at some point, and are difficult to read. They appear to say No. Due to the finish on the rifle, the pictures I took were either too dark or illegible, due to the glare from the flash.

Lee Enfield No. 4 Mki Service Rifle .303 British